domingo, 21 de junio de 2015

June 21: Today is the anniversary of the flight of the king of France, Louis XVI with his family to Austria to seek refuge and counter support, in 1791.

Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI of France

Relations between the Church and the French Assembly deteriorated so that the February 13, 1790 all the religious orders were suppressed and, on July 12, called Civil Constitution of the Clergy which removed 51 dioceses and 4,000 parishes approved.

Bishops and priests would be elected by the National Assembly. Then they issued a decree ordering all clergy to swear in favor of the Constitution, which produced a polarization: the sworn and refractory, faithful to Pope Pius VI who condemned the Constitution. Louis XVI had to sanction the law under pressure.

The king broke down and decided to flee Paris with his family to seek the intervention of friendly powers, such as the Holy Roman Empire, based in Vienna; and Prussia, based in Berlin. Indeed, it is recalled that Marie Antoinette was of the house of Habsburg, daughter of the emperors of Austria, Francis I and Maria Theresa of Austria.

The Flight to Verennes of King Louis XVI of France in 1791

The June 21, 1791, the king and his family were recognized at the Parador de Varennes and returned to Paris.

Marie Antoinette: "Madam deficit" 

The great mistake that Louis XVI was a modest float switch by Real coach. Marie Antoinette was excessively vain and did not admit return to their land of origin underdressed. So they were easily recognized and arrested.

Portrait of King Louie XVI, Marie Antoinette and Family

Before fleeing, the King wrote some notes left on his desk in which he declared that he had never agreed to the demands of the new constitutional government.

Louis XVI and his family, dressed as bourgeois, arrested in Varennes.

These letters were fatal to declare treason trial of Louis XVI to the country and which lead to a trial that ended with the execution of the King on the guillotine.