martes, 2 de junio de 2015

June 2: Today is the anniversary of the sack of Rome when barbarians Vandals enter Rome and plunder the city during two weeks in year 455.

The second of the three Rome looting carried out by the barbarians was the sack of Rome in 455, held by the Vandals, who were at war with Petronius Maximus, Roman emperor briefly in 455.

In that year, the Vandal king Genseric sailed with his powerful fleet of its capital in Ancient Carthague, up the Tiber to plunder Rome.

The murder of Valentinian III and occupation of the throne by Petronius Maximus was the excuse for Genseric regarded as having been invalidated the peace treaty with Valentinian in 442.

Genseric took large amounts of looted treasures of the city, including Empress Licinia Eudoxia, Valentinian's widow, and her daughters as hostages.

Great Genseric implored not to destroy the city and kill their inhabitants, according to Pope Leo I´s chronicler Prosper.

The gates of Rome were opened for Genseric and his men. Maximum was killed by a mob of Romans outside the city citizens.

One of these daughters was Eudocia, who later would marry the son of Genseric, Huneric.