sábado, 28 de febrero de 2015

February 28: The Aztec king Cuauhtémoc is executed by the Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortes, in 1525.

Bust of Cuauhtemoc in the Plaza of the Constitution of Mexico City.

The "Eagle down" or "settled" is the meaning in the Nahuatl language of the Aztecs during the Spanish Conquest. Actually, "Tlatoani" which means "speaking", "It" was the name given to the top leaders or rulers of the Aztec community.

Monumento to Cuauhtémoc on Avanida Reforma in Mexico,City. The inscription at the bottom of the statue translates as "In memory of Cuauhtémoc (spelled Quautemoc) and his warriors who battled heroically in defense of their country."

Hernán Cortés (Marquis of the Valley of Oaxaca 1485-1547) was the first Spanish conqueror who came to the Aztec empire in Mesoamerica to kill and murder native Indians. Enriched Spain, the transport of wealth interested pirates and even the Queen of England, Elizabeth I.

"The Martyrdom to Cuauhtémoc", a 19th-century painting by Leandro Izaguirre. 

This all happened during the reign of Charles I of Spain, and later Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire. And, Cuauthémoc was the last ruler or "Tlatoani" of the called Aztec Empire. Hernan Cortes ordered to execute the king of Aztecs because of said conspiracy.

Hernan Cortes, the conqueror assassin!

These were the last words of Cuauthémoc, as Hernán Cortés, when he wrote to the king of Spain informing him of the death of the Aztec emperor: .. "came near me and said to me on his tongue and he had done all that was required of him to defend himself and his men to come to that state, now would make him what I wanted, and put his hand on a knife I had, telling me to give him stab and kill him "...