viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2015

December 11: Louis XVI was accused of treason and tried by the National Convention in 1792, shortly after he went to the gallows.

King Louis XVI by Antoine-François Callet.

On December 11, 1792, the Convention or French National Assembly formally accused of treason Louis XVI (1754-1793), the former king, a prisoner in the Temple (an ancient Templar castle in Paris) after the riot which occurred on August 10 and had overthrown the monarchy to make way for a new regime: the Republic.

The Trial of Louis XVI before the Convention.

Louis XVI entered the convention hall, led by Santerre, commander of the National Guard of Paris. Before taking his seat, the presiding judge said, "Louis, the nation accuses you; the National Assembly has decided to judge you." Then he heard the list of charges, 33 in total, each describing an act of betrayal.

Scene from the trial of King Louis XVI before the National Convention in 1792.