jueves, 17 de diciembre de 2015

December 17: Today is the anniversary of the marriage of Henry IV of France and Maria de Medici in 1600.

Portrait of Marie de' Medici as a young girl, possibly adolescent or even pubescent; Maria's head appears to pop out of her ruff like fruit from a flower; a supportasse underpins her ruff.

On August 18, 1572, Henry married Marguerite de Valois, daughter of Henry II and Catherine de’ Medici. He was never happy and separated before his ascension to the throne in 1589, childless. The marriage was annulled in 1599. His next marriage was to Marie de Medici on December 17, 1600.

Maria de Medici by Frans Pourbus or Scipione: Queen consort of France and Navarre.

Marie de Medici was Queen of France as the second wife of King Henry IV of France from 1600 to 1610. Mary was the sixth daughter of Francis I of Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, and Joan of Habsburg-Jagiello Archduchess of Austria. She was a member of the rich and powerful House Medici.

Henry IV, Versailles Museum

Maria was a ballet dancer collector, and her patronage helped develop the arts in France. Close to the artists of his native Florence, was educated by Jacobo Ligozzi.

Henri IV, Marie de' Medici and family. Attributed to Frans Pourbus the younger - Musée de l'auditoire.

Maria´s marriage to Henry IV of France was mainly due to the dynastic and financial concerns of the French kingdom.

The Wedding by Proxy of Marie de' Medici to King Henry IV

Medici family had several bankers, in Florence, creditors of the king of France, and promised a dowry of 600,000 gold crowns, which made Marie de Medici was dubbed the "Great banker".