lunes, 20 de julio de 2015

July 20th: Today is the anniversary of the "Cry for Independence of Colombia" in 1810. It is the date commonly used to commemorate the Colombian Independence from Spain; but the act was signed on July 21. For some historians the Independence Day of Colombia should be held on July 21 and not the 20th.

House of Carlos Jose Gonzalez-Llorente where the Cry of Independence startaed, Bogotá July 20th, 1810.

All meetings were held in the province of Santa Fe made up of an unjust majority of Spaniards. For example, between 1808 and 1810, they involved 36 versus 9 Spanish American Creoles. Hence, the desire for independence arises from taking advantage of Napoleonic Wars in Europe that kept the Spaniards busy, unstable, distracted, and weak.

Restored House of Carlos Jose Gonzalez-Llorente where the Cry of Independence startaed, Bogotá July 20th, 1810.

In 1809 there were demonstrations of freedom in Bolivia and Ecuador demanding the creation of a nation-state to copy the system that emerged from the French Revolution.

Santamaria fight with Llorente in the northeastern corner of the Plaza Mayor today called Plaza de Bolivar.

Creoles from Cartagena and Mompós, New Granada, had already gathered together intending independence from Spain.

Colombian declaration of Independence from Spain, in 1810. "Independence" cries. The American world; In heroes' is bathing. The Land of Columbus. But this great principle: "The King is not sovereign".

A board of Creole distinguished people and intellectuals, led by Francisco Jose de Caldas, proposed creating an incident that enraged the Viceroy Antonio José Amar y Borbon, in order to have the justification of a conflict and a popular uprising. Antonio Morales suggested going to annoy the Spanish merchant José González Llorente.

July 20, 1810 was a Friday market day and, therefore, the city’s square would be full of people. The Ecuadorian commissioner Antonio Villavicencio was invited to a Creole dinner. Creoles knew that the merchant González Llorente would not pay a vase to decorate the table in response to other Creole. Therefore, uprising broke out and also the cry of independence!