miércoles, 11 de marzo de 2015

March 11: The Roman Emperor Elagabalus was murdered and thrown into the Tiber river, along with his mother, Julia Soemia Basina, in 222.

Bust of Elagabalus,
from the Capitoline Museums 

The Praetorian Guard no longer endure the Roman revolt by the rants and scandals of Emperor Elagabalus, and arrested him along with his mother, the dismembered and thrown into the River Tiber, before the crowd.

Julia Soaemias, Elagabalus' mother

Elagabalus was promoted to Emperor at fourteen years old and lasted four years, the dictatorial rule of Rome. Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus, Heliogabalus, is remembered in history as the perfect model of decline, full of excesses and above those of Caligula and Nero perversions.

Julia Soaemias, AR Denarius, 218-222, Rome

Is Gibbon famously said: It was abandoned to the grossest pleasures with uncontrollable rage. To add after and dishonored the main charges of distributing empire among his many lovers, one of whom was publicly invested with the title and authority of the emperor or, more properly called it himself, husband of the Empress.

A Roman aureus depicting Elagabalus. The reverse reads Sanct Deo Soli Elagabal (To the Holy Sun God Elagabal), and depicts a four-horse and gold chariot

Elagabalus demonstrated his hobbies for transsexualism was very young when used to wearing women's clothes. It was said that his ancestors were priests, the descendants of the god El-Gabal, in Syria.

She, as he called himself, offered to pay whatever the doctor to ensure castration without pain or suffering and transform it into a woman. Evening came disguised to look for sexual pleasures with men, until one day he decided to pair with one of his burly slaves called Hierácles and married him assuming the role of women. So he called himself. "The Empress". On March 11 222 DD Elagabalus and his mother Soaemias were set upon by the Roman army and killed, while they were visiting a praetorian camp.