viernes, 13 de marzo de 2015

March 13: Harvard College (Institution of higher education) is named for its benefactor, English minister John Harvard, in 1639. It was the first university of private origin born in the world. "A godly gentleman and a lover of learning"

                            John Harvard statue in Harvard Yard

The Legislature Great and General called "New College" began to educate without buildings, instructors, and students in 1636.

Harvar College Logo

Three years later, the institution was renamed in memory of the Christian minister John Harvard who donated his entire library and half of his money, when he was the minister of Charlestown, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Johnston Gate Quad Harvard University.

Currently, Harvard College is one of the two schools of Harvard. Harvard is more important as a university for graduate students seeking master's degrees and doctorates.

Harvard College

Harvard is most famous for being the first university in the world that emerged by initiative for its research and professional quality. The first achieved a triumph, stays with the history and well maintained.

John Harvard, clergyman and founder of Harvard University