lunes, 2 de marzo de 2015

March 2: The first ballet presented in Britain was "The Loves of Mars and Venus”, created by the English choreographer John Weaver, in 1717.

The core artistic idea of this project is to recreate the first ever ballet.
John Weaver's The Loves of Mars and Venus, first performed in London in 1717

The Loves of Mars and Venus was the first ballet in the United Kindom. It was created on Saturday, March 2, 1717. That Ballet made its first appearance at Drury Lane Theater in London.

Drury Lane Theater in London.

The History of Ballet is derived from Greek mythology. However, the inspiration for John Weaver was the theatrical performance of PA Motteux on the subject, written in 1695.

Mars seduces Venus

The role of Venus was interpreted by English dancer Santlow Hester, who was widely known for her beauty, ability to act and her charms when dancing.

Many have said that the role of Mars was represented by French actor Louis Dupre although there are doubts.

Venus falls in love with Mars

The Ballet has since represented as a drama. However, John Weaver sought to change this dramatic image of Ballet to something more sensual and erotic. Sure, until very recently, it emerged that the planet Venus is a hell of sulfur and Mars is full of minerals and powdered red ball above, Weaver got through a few dance moves emotions were achieved incremental lechery without the need to use scripts or boring verbal chants.

Venus and Mars in love

"The Loves of Mars and Venus" was so popular that inspired parodies about Ballet and hedonistic analogies in the art of body performance in the Ballet.