viernes, 27 de marzo de 2015

March 27: Crimean War begins in 1854 when the United Kingdom of Great Britain declares war on Russia, because it intrudes on others war.

The Crimean War was the first international war in Europe, after the Napoleonic Wars of the early nineteenth century. After 38 years of international peace, the so-called “balance of power”, signed at the Congress of Vienna in 1815 broke.

Russia invaded Turkish teritories.

The Russians defended the right of Orthodox access to the Holy Land in the hands of Turkish-Ottoman Christians. Similarly the French claimed the right of Catholics to go to the Holy Land with security guarantees. A kind of paranoia invaded the minds of the British Prime Minister, George Hamilton Gordon, Earl of Aberdeen, who began to speculate about the different types of risks that arise if Russia continued its expansion into the Mediterranean Sea.

Map of the war

The Emperor of France, Napoleon III, was persuaded by the British to support military adventure to defend Turkish-Russian threat. The French emperor appreciated the opportunity to regain national pride which was lost with his uncle, Napoleon I, in the campaign of 1812.

A Caribbean view

The British reported the Turkish Sultan who, along with the French, were ready to support him if he declared war on Russia. Indeed, the Sultan Abdul-Mejid I proceeded to declare war on Russia, October 5, 1853.On January 4, 1854, the allied fleets of France and Britain, entered the Black Sea and the March 27 formally declared war on Russia after the Russians destroyed the Turkish fleet.