jueves, 12 de marzo de 2015

March 12: Vitiges, King of the Ostrogoths, was expelled from Rome by the Byzantine general Belisarius in 538.

Vitiges, King of the Otrogoths

Vitiges is named king of the people Ostrogoth to lead wars against Bizantino.Pero Empire, on 12 March 538, the Byzantine general Belisarius, manages to end the site of Rome by the barbarians Ostrogoths, and did return to his king Vitiges Ravenna.

General Flavius Belisarius (Belisarius)

When Vitiges besieged Rome, he cut off the flow of water from the Roman aqueducts, but the general Belisarius forced him to interrupt his siege of Rome and drove him back to his quarters in Ravenna, northeast of the Italian peninsula.

Map showing movement of The Ostrogoths

The Byzantine Emperor Justinian I wanted to regain the territories of the Roman Empire and therefore appointed his friend General Belisarius to carry out that mission. Belisarius landed in Sicily and submitted. He went on to Naples to reach Rome.

Map Campaign Gothic War between the years 535 and 540

Belisarius continued his mission and drove the Ostrogoths of its capital Ravenna and continued to Milan (Mediolanum). Belisarius triumphed in its Italian conquest.