viernes, 10 de abril de 2015

Abril 10: Archduke Maximilian of Hapsburg was proclaimed Emperor of Mexico in 1864, during the French intervention in Mexico.

Battle of San Pablo del Monte on May 5, 1862

The second French intervention in Mexico was instigated by Napoleon III, second Emperor of France who convinced the British and Spanish to intervene to Mexican customs and to recover the money lent to Mexico and take advantage of the United States was engaged in its internal war between the slavery southerners and northern industrialists.

French intervention in Mexico: Battle of Puebla 1862

Mexico was invaded because the Mexican President Benito Juárez had suspended interest payments on the foreign debt with the three European governments. Napoleon III’s invasion was accompanied also by the interest in Mexican silver mining to finance the Second French Empire.

Offer of the Mexican crown: Maximilian receiving a Mexican delegation at Miramar Castle in Trieste, Italy

When Spain and Britain were paid their money, the French emperor wanted to stay, despite the warning that America had ended its conflict of secession and would probably apply the Clause of the Monroe Doctrine, which says: "America is for Americans".

Portrait of Maximilian Franz Xavier Winterhalter I by 1864

Mexican conservatives, the clergy, and the elite stimulated Napoleon III for the creation of a monarchical government. France was keen to reconcile with Austria and took the opportunity to offer the monarchy of Mexico to Maximilian of Austria, who was married to Charlotte of Belgium. Maximilian was a younger brother of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I.

One of the five paintings on the Execution of Maximilian I by Eduard Manet (1868-1869)

Emperor Maximilian was warned of the danger of continuing as emperor in Mexico, was warned of the danger of continuing as emperor in Mexico but stubbornly decided to stay because he thought he was loved by the people.

Maximilian was Emperor of Mexico since April 10, 1864 until June 19, 1867 when he was shot death by Mexican soldiers.