martes, 28 de abril de 2015

April 28: France invades the Austrian Netherlands (now Belgium) and begun the French Revolutionary Wars of 1792.

The French Revolutionary Wars were all conflicts faced by the French Revolution against the European monarchies who opposed the revolutionary liberalism, between 1792 and 1802. External threats closely shaped the course of the Revolution.

The revolutionary clashes motivated by zeal and glory, managed to defeat their enemies and neighbors, seized the Netherlands, Italy, the banks of the River Rhine. The domain of the war was numeric. The Revolution called up French males, and countless of young patriots enlisted to defend the revolutionary process.

The Holy Roman Emperor in Vienna, Austria, Leopold II was the brother of Marie Antoinette Queen of France and Louis XVI´s wife. For that reason, The Austrian and Holy Emperor invited the King of Prussia to form a coalition against revolutionary France, to restore the powers of King Louis XVI.

Such an alliance was called the First Coalition against Revolucionary France. As a matter of fact, Emperor Leopold II of Austria and King Frederick William II of Prusia jointed forces to restore King Louis XVI to the throne of France.