martes, 14 de abril de 2015

April 14: The Hungarian leader Lajos Kossuth achieved the Hungarian independence from Austria in 1849.

Lajos Kossuth, president-regent of Hungary during the 1848 Revolution. Lithography by August Prinzhofer (1848).

The 1848 revolution, which began in Paris, hit Vienna, capital of Austria, March 13. The Hapsburg dynasty, "was between a rock and a hard place" against the democratic movement, led by Robert Blum, representative of the Austrian Democrats, at the Diet of Frankfurt (equivalent to Parliament of Confederation), who demanded to establish a constitution policy and also demanded the resignation of Chancellor Metternich of Austria.

1848-49 Hungarian Revolution Award

The demonstrations began crossing borders. A democratic government was installed in Budapest (Hungary), other one in Prague (Bohemia, now the Czech Republic), another one in Milan (Lombardy) and a last one in Venice (Veneto). It seemed that the Empire was disintegrating.

Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Hungary (1849)

Lajos Kossuth was a famous journalist who emerged as the leader of liberalism and Hungarian nationalism, facing the Austrian Habsburgs who ruled the Austrian Empire. With the help of Russia, the Hapsburgs crushed the liberal and nationalist demonstrations. Kossuth and his friends were arrested.

Stamp: Revolution of 1848

Lajos Kossuth was the leader of the Hungarian Revolution, supported by István Azéchenyi, the poet A'sndor Petöfi,and Józef Bem who gave start to the Hungarian revolution.