lunes, 20 de abril de 2015

April 20: The League of Nations was officially dissolved in 1946 to make way and powers to the United Nations-UN-

US President Woodrw Wilson

The beginning of World War II showed that the League of Nations had failed in its main objective to prevent another world war. Although it was promoted by US President Woodrow Wilson with a famous speech of 14 points defending its creation, the US Senate did not approve the project or the entry into the League. The absence of US established a permanent weakness for that multilateral organization.

the sign reads "This League of Nations Bridge was designed by the President of the U.S.A." Cartoon from Punch magazine, 10 December 1920, satirising the gap left by the USA not joining the League.

The last meeting of the League of Nations began on April 12, 1946 with delegates from 34 nations, and ended seven days later, on April 19, 1946.

Anachronous world map in 1920–1945, showing the League of Nations and the world

"The League is dead, living the United Nations," then said the British diplomat, Lord Robert Cecil.

Symbol of the League of Nations

On April 19, 1946, President of the Assembly, Carl J. Hambro of Norway said: "The twenty-first and last Assembly of the League of Nations is closed" and the League ceased to exist the next day, 20 April 1946.

Flags of members

The Assembly was summoned to settle the organization and transfer their assets to the nascent United Nations better known by the acronym UN (United Nations).

The League had no military might of its own and had to rely on its member nations to provide physical force if necessary.

Today The United Nations has 193 member nations of the planet's main multilateral organization that began with 51 founding members, with 34 having the League of Nations.