jueves, 14 de mayo de 2015

May 14: Today is the anniversary of the assassination of Henry IV of France, and Louis XIII assumed the throne in 1610.

Henry IV of France.

Henri of Bourbon was the first monarch of the French and Spain House of Bourbon. Henry was King of Navarre, between 1572 and 1610, as Henry III. That is to say, for 38 years. But in turn, he was king of France as Henry IV between 1589 and 1610 when he died stabbed in his Real coach.

14th of May 1610: assassination of King Henri IV
A day earlier, on May 13, 1610, Marie de Medici was crowned queen in Saint-Denis. The next day, May 14, the Royal motorcade passed through the street Ferronnerie and the street was blocked by people who stopped the Real coach.

Assassination of Henry IV

A spontaneous intruder identified as François Ravaillac jumped into the Royal carriage and stabbed three times the King’s chest.

Henry´s death body is taken out of the Royal coach

“The only king whose memory the people of France have treasured.” Henri had put an end to the religious wars that had divided France for decades. He converted to Catholicism to unite his subjects. He had shown compassion to many, in particular the poorest, and presided over a time of national recovery and reconciliation.

The remains of Henry IV

Henry's son ascended the throne of France under the name of Louis XIII, but his mother, Marie de Medici took over as regent because the new king was only nine years old.