domingo, 17 de mayo de 2015

May 17: Today is the anniversary of the start of the Water Gate scandal in the US Senate that will lead to the resignation of President Richard Nixon and a lesson in democracy to the world in 1973.

A photo of the Watergate Complex taken from a DC-9-80 inbound to Washington National Airport on January 8, 2006.

The scandal "Watergate" was the result of an interception to Central COMIE the Democratic Party of the United States, June 17, 1972, at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, in the complex of buildings with the name of Watergate, at the nation's capital, Washington, DC.

The Water Gate Scandal

The government of President Richard Nixon, of Republican conservative political affiliation, covered up espionage against the Democrat officials at the Democratic Party´s headquarters in Washington DC.

The Water Gate Scandal: It wasn't me!

The term "Watergate" became a symbol of lies, clandestine, and illegal political activities motivated by high officials of then President Nixon, who used "dirty tricks" against the opposition party.

The Water Gate Scandal: A culprit always denies his guilt

On May 17, 1973 began the scandal Senate sessions. On 9 August the following year, in 1974, US President Richard M. Nixon resigned the presidency, leaving a lesson in democracy for all "commies" murky, opaque, overlapping and hypocritical pseudo leftists fans of Marxism –Leninism, and Maoism both totalitarian demagogic.

Nixon resigns and hugs his wife