domingo, 11 de enero de 2015

January 11: Theodora is crowned empress of the Bizantine Empire in 1055.


Theodora was the last monarch of the Macedonian Dynasty that ruled the Byzantine Empire for almost two centuries. Theodora ruled with her sister, Zoe, from 1042 to 1055. When Zoe died, Theodora had the opportunity to rule alone for one a half years. She never married and did not have children either.

Byzantine coin showing Jesus Christ  on the left and Empress Theodora on the right.

Emperor Constantine was deadly ill when asked Theodora to marry Romanus. She would have been empress if she had accepted. Constantine died, three days later, on November 15, 1028, and Romanus became Emperor. Romanus married Theodora´s sister Zoe who envied Theodora for having being her father´s first choice.

“Theodora's reign was short, but she was among the most influential women in the Byzantine Empire's history. Her reign was noted for its firm administration, as she cracked down on corruption and curbed administrative abuses in the empire. Making efforts to centralise power, she also appeared in person in the Senate and heard appeals as supreme judge. (Incidentally, she was also known for being excessively severe toward her enemies and had several people in her court blinded and banished.) But after little more than 18 months of rule, Theodora fell gravely ill and died a few days later, on 31 August 1056 at the age of 76.” (See: