lunes, 19 de enero de 2015

January 19: The Batavian Republic was proclaimed in 1795 where today is Holland, as part of the Netherlands.

                                 William V of Orange-Nassau

Since 1778 in the United Provinces (Netherlands) the presence of a patriotic party was consolidated that looked immersed in the ideas of the French Enlightenment in the second half of the century XVIII.

          Departments of the Batavian Republic

In the context of the crises of the 1780s, the Dutch patriots managed to mobilize the masses in urban militias, reaching great power throughout the country, so the stadtholder William V of Orange-Nassau was forced to leave the Hague.

                                  Flag of Batavian Republic (1795-1806)

Batavia means the land inhabited by the Batavian people during the Roman Empire where today is part of the Netherlands.

Coat of Arms: Mascot of the Batavian Republic and Maiden, representing the United Provinces of Netherlands.

The new republic was formed with the support of the French Revolution and thus became a “client state” of France. It was also the first of the so called “sister-republics” under Napopleon Bonaparte´s rule.

Dutch Maiden on a design for the The Golden Carriage, by Nicolaas van der Waay.