sábado, 17 de enero de 2015

January 17: Today is the anniversary of the great division of the Roman Empire in 395 AD, with the death of Emperor Theodosius I.

Saint Ambrose and Emperor Theodosius by Anthony van Dyck.  

The death of Emperor Theodosius in Milan, divided the empire into two factions:

1. Western Roman Empire, based in Mediolanum, Milan today, and commanded the brother of Theodosius, called Honorio 10 years of age.

2. Eastern Roman Empire, also called Byzantine Empire, based in Constantinople, under the command of the eldest son of Theodosius, Arcadius and called who was born in Hispania.

Map of the partition of the Roman Empire in 395, at the death of Theodosius I: the Westwrn  is shown in red and the East Roman Empire or Bizantine Empire  is shown in purple

Count Theodosius, also called "Theodosius the Great" was born in Cauca, Hispania, in 346, and died in Milan in 395. He learned to fight the British in Britain, and then went as Duke of Mesia in today's Serbia. After the execution of his father, Emperor Gratianus appointed defender of Mesia before the invasion of the Goths (Germanic barbarians from the east, but Viking origin).

                          The two Roman Empires (East and West), 395 A.

Gratianus was also of Hispanic origin, seized the Eastern Empire and called Theodosius to help him implement Christianity as "universal" religion. Gratianus was beheaded by order of General Maximus, also Hispanic and Teodosio relative who was crowned emperor of the East on January 19, 379, with the title of Augustus.

Rome, Western Roman Capital, and Constantinople, East or Byzantine Empire