miércoles, 7 de enero de 2015

January 7: The Assembly of the State of New York refuses to accept the entry of five socialist legally elected in 1920.

On January 7, 1920, five deputies to the Assembly of the State of New York who belonged to the Socialist Party were expelled from the precincts of the Assembly in Albany, the state capital. The Socialist Party membership was a disloyalty to the United States, in accordance with the explanations given.

During the period known as the "Red Scare" during which they were carried out raids, arrests and deportations of immigrants identified to have radical views, and socialists, between 1919 and 1920, the federal government of the United States considered that any liberal socialist point of view could be dangerous to the interests of the American nation. The deputies expelled were: August Claessens, Samuel A. De Witt, Samuel Orr, Charles Solomon and Louis Waldman.