martes, 27 de enero de 2015

January 27: In the year 98, Trajan took the throne of the Roman Empire to enlarge it to its fullest extent.

                           Marble bust of Trajan.

Imperator Caesar Nerva Traianus Nervae Divi filius Augustus, better known as Trajan, was Emperor of Rome between AD 98 and 117. Trajan was declared by the Senate as "Optimus Princeps" (The best ruler) because he was a soldier emperor who led the Roman Empire to its greatest extent and power.

                  Trajan´s Column, Rome.

Trajan was distinguished by the consideration and respect he had for the Roman Senate. But he is remembered more for his tenure as leader and executor of projects, achievable all with admirable success. Executing public works and protector of the helpless, Trajan was an example of good government with no interests other than those of the empire growth and serving the people with dignity and honor.

                           The extent of the Roman Empire under Trajan (117)

The social program included Trajan building of social housing that earned him the esteem and admiration of the Roman plebs. He built the so-called "Trajan's Forum," the "Trajan's Market" and the famous "Column of Trajan".

  The Alcántara Bridge , widely hailed as a masterpiece of Roman Engineering.  

The peace lasted throughout the Mediterranean during the 19 years of its mandate imperial. However, is remembered mainly for his military campaigns, which led the borders of the Roman Empire until its point of maximum expansion.

                The forum of Trajan and the visible part of the Trajan's market.

In 117, after leading the Roman expansion in the East and Africa, Trajan fell ill and died of a heart attack in the city of Selinus, on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey.

Trajan's legacy has endured for more than 19 centuries. St. Thomas Aquinas referred to Trajan as a "virtuous pagan". Dante described in his "Divine Comedy" in spiritual terms as "Trajan in the Heaven of Jupiter" with other mythological deities, ennobled by their righteousness.