viernes, 2 de enero de 2015

January 2: The Alemanni were suebian germanic tribes who invaded Rome in the year 366, after crossing the frozen Rhine river.

A barbarian alemanni enters Rome

In 260, the Alemanni tribe captured the Upper Germania, also known as “Agri Decumates”. In addition, they expanded into present-day Alsace and the north of Switzerland which led to the establishment of the Old High German Language.

Area settled by the Alemanni, and sites of Roman-Alemannic battles, 3rd to 6th centuries.

During the year 496 the Alemanni were conquered by the Frankish leader Clovis.

The Roman Empire in CE 120 and Germania, with some Germanic tribes mentioned by Tacitus in CE 98

Alemanni means “All Men” which really indicates that they were a conglomeration drawn from various Germanic tribes.