jueves, 29 de enero de 2015

January 29: France beat Russia and Prussia together in the Battle of Brienne, led by Napoleon I in 1814.

                              Battle of Brienne Napoleon vs Cossacks

After the defeats suffered by Napoleon and his Grand Army in 1812 during the Russian winter, and then in 1813, Napoleon returned to resume his throne for 100 days.

          Napoleon's Peril at Brienne, where he is almost captured by Cossacks

The Battle of Brienne took place near the Castillo de Brienne, where Napoleon Bonaparte attended military school at an early age. The Allies advanced on France from three different directions, but Napoleon defeated one by one, starting with partition of Russian-Prussian Silesia troops under the command of Prussian Field Marshal Blücher, old enemies of the Emperor.

Napoleon I Bonaparte

During the intense battle, Napoleon was almost taken prisoner by the Russians, admired and feared by Napoleon for their discipline, strength and military preparedness: The Cossacks. Napoleon´s General Gourgaud saved him from falling prisioner of the Cossacks. The battle ended about midnight when the allies retreated.