martes, 13 de octubre de 2015

October 13: Today is an anniversary that causes a lot of concern: The Roman Emperor Claudius is poisoned mysteriously and surreptitiously, in the year 54. His Roman identification was Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus. Nero, his nephew 17 years happened to become the new Emperor of Rome.

Emperor Claudius

Claudius was a stutterer and lame, which made him the "laughingstock" of Rome. Claudius was very studious. He spent his time in the imperial library. His wife Messalina seduced all colonels she wanted to appoint as generals; however, she chose to marry Consul Silus, as part of a conspiracy against her husband Claudius.

Claudius ordered the execution of both and then married his niece Agrippina "The Younger", who together with her brother Domitius, were the only living and direct descendants of Augustus.

Portrait of Claudius, National Archaeological Museum of Spain

Agrippina took the opportunity to make appointments that would yield her homage. Subsequently, Agrippina asked Claudius to adopt her son, who took the name "Nero" as adopted son of Claudius.

A statue of Claudius in the Vatican museum  

Claudius was poisoned on 13 October of the year 54 AD, possibly by orders of Agrippina, first suspect, fearing that Claudius’ son Britanicus was the legal successor to the throne.

Agrippina rushed to point at Nero, her son, who was crowned immediately after the death of his uncle Claudius.