sábado, 17 de octubre de 2015

October 17: Today is the anniversary of the despicable assassination of General Jose Maria Cordoba in 1829.

Hero of  Ayacucho 

After his success at the Battle of Boyaca, which seals the birth of the Republic of Gran Colombia, Cordoba was commissioned by Simon Bolivar to pursue Spanish viceroy Samano, but he happened to escape alavie. Cordoba then continued to release the province of Antioquia (today in Colombia).

Jose María Cordoba

On 12 February 1820 Cordoba managed to confront the governor of the province of Antioquia Francisco Warleta, who ruled on behalf of the King of Spain. On the "White Chorros" near Santa Rosa de Osos, José María Córdoba gave Spanish Warleta such a powerful download that Warleta had to run away towards Cartagena, on the Atlantic coast. Cordoba then sealed the independence of the Province of Antioquia, and continued to free Cartagena, as well as the streambeds of Cauca and Magdalena rivers.

José María Cordoba

Cordoba travelled down to to Ecuador in order to meet Marshal Sucre on May 24, 1822 and helped win the Battle of Pichincha, by which Ecuador was liberated from the Spannish Crown.

tatue of Cordoba in Rionegro, Antioquia

Two years later it is filled with glory at the Battle of Ayacucho on December 9, 1824, when he exclaims: Soldiers, weapons at discretion; Front passage of winners! ... And he defeated the Spaniards, giving freedom to Peru. So he was nicknamed "The Hero of Ayacucho".

Statue of Cordoba in Medellín, Colombia.

The dictatorship of Bolivar angered Córdoba who fought for freedom. Unfortunately, his disagreements with Bolivar were described as conspiracy and betrayal. A crown was offered to Gran Colombia´s Liberator Simon Bolivar with the support of Louis Philippe of France, who would later become the heir of Great Colombia.