domingo, 4 de octubre de 2015

October 4: Today is the anniversary of full French Revolution! On October 4, 1795, after Robespierre was guillotined in July, the royalists and the Jacobins revolted: The 13 Vendémiaire, Year 4, was the name given to the clash between Royal forces and the revolutionaries in Paris.

Paris went into a state of confusion, chaos, and rebellion. Leaders of the National Convention had to ask General Napoleon Bonaparte, who had just arrived from his successful campaign in Egypt, to bring order.

Again they set up the young officer, because they thought that no one was able to stop such a revolt, not even the bravest of political leaders. Napoleon then gave the surprise and reassured order and authority in Paris and throughout France.

For the umpteenth time, Napoleon became a national pride. Corrupt politicians and everyone, absolutely everyone else, even the most prestigious historians, had to keep their words and desires against a young General 26 years of age, who returned victorious from founding five republics and appease Egypt.

Napoleon became a national hero after defeating the Royalist insurrection that had threatened the National Convention and the French Revolution itself. Bonaparte was nicknamed Général Vendémiaire, a title which he later claimed would be his first title of glory.