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September 26: Abbey Road, the last album recorded by The Beatles was released in 1969 and has been the most successful of the eleven albums that they recorded. The Beatles changed the world!

Abbey Road

Abbey Road is the title of the eleventh and last full-length album recorded in a studio by the band The Beatles, and was offered to the market on September 26, 1969, in London, with immediate success in the UK and in United States.

Many people argue that the last album was The Beatles’ Let It Be. However, the songs on that album were recorded before Abbey Road. The band disbanded in April 1970. Even John Lennon was not involved in four of the songs on the album Let It Be, by differences with Paul, who later left the group, too.

The long-awaited Abbey Road LP was released in the UK on September 26th, 1969.

A single disc with the songs "Something" and "Come Together" took the top places in the Billboard chart in the United States since October 1969. Until today, Abbey Road has been the most successful album of The Beatles.


The influence of The Beatles was not only at the grassroots level. From the cultural point of view, The Beatles changed the whole way of life; beliefs (values); customs; knowledge and degree of artistic; scientific, technological, industrial and commercial development.

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It is appropriate to recall a public expression of John Lennon on Elvis Presley: "Nothing really affected me until I heard Elvis. If there had not been Elvis, there would have been no Beatles. "(From: Harry, Bill (2000b) The John Lennon encyclopedia Virgin London).

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The Beatles were the icons of the "counterculture of the 60's" during twentieth century. All negative critics had to change their minds as they lost the hearing and support of general public. The Beatles were catalysts for liberationist movements: Female Releases, gays, environmentalists, and anti-racist movements, anti-religious, and even libertarian anarchism.

The last group Beatles project turned out to be the recording of Abbey Road in July and August, 1969. John's auto accident in Scotland on July 1st meant ...