lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2015

September 28: William "The Bastard" as it was dubbed at that time, invaded England in 1066 and thus began the Norman conquest of England.

Location of major events during the Norman conquest of England in 1066.

William the first has passed into history as William "The Conqueror". However, at the time it was dubbed "The Bastard" because he was born of a relationship of his single father, Robert I and Duke of Normandy, with his mistress, Herleva, of mysterious origin.

Map showing William's lands in 1087 (the light pink areas were controlled by William).

At that time the Normans were descendants of the Vikings who invaded and conquered Normandy, northern France today.

William the Conqueror statue at Falaise, France.

William managed to quell a rebellion in Normandy in 1047, and established his authority over the duchy. Once able to consolidate his authority in Normandy, he launched into a conquest of England in 1066, where he reigned until his death in 1087, for 21 years.

Remember that the origin of the Norman adjective means "Northmen". Danish majority invaded northern France.

 William the Conqueror.

Viking invaders swore allegiance to the French king, Charles "The Simple", so they received the title of Duchy of Normandy and reciprocity of the king of France in the ninth century.