jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2015

September 3: Today in 301, Marinus was a monk who founded what is now one of the smallest nations in the world and one of the oldest republics in the world: San Marino is located at the Italian peninsula northwest of the Apennine Mountains and completely surrounded by Italy. Marinus was canonized (declared Saint by the Pope) long after his death.

Illustration of Saint Marinus, the founder of the Republic of San Marino, and prominent cultural figure.

San Marino has just 61 km2, and a population estimated at 30,000 people. The capital is the City of San Marino. Actually, the state of San Marino was the continuation of the monastic community with its founding anniversary today.

Marinus took refuge on Mount Titano and founded a small community for Christians. In his memory, that place was named The Land of San Marino, then the Community of San Marino, and finally the Republic of San Marino.Pope Nichola IV recognized San Marino as an independent territory, in 1291.

According to legend, San Marino left the island of Arba, in present-day Croatia, with a childhood friend named Leo who went both to the city of Rimini as Masons.

After the Diocletian Chase, Marinus escaped to Mount Titano. Marinus was convinced of his Christianity and decided to build a small temple with stones from a nearby quarry. There remains what the city and the Republic of San Marino are today.

San Marino's economy relies on tourism and financial services. No public debt and unemployment have been reported, so far.