miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2015

September 30: The Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto enters the territory of Tula, Arkansas today, on September 30, 1541, managing to overcome a native strong resistance.

Hernando de Soto route through the Caddo area, with known archaeological phases marked.

Don Hernando was the first European to reach the Mississippi River. De Soto commanded 400 soldiers in issue and did not put much attention to the discovery of the river because of the difficulty caused to cross it and meet the expeditionary goal of reaching the West.

Discovery of the Mississippi by William H. Powell  (1823–1879) is a Romantic depiction of de Soto seeing the Mississippi River for the first time. It hangs in the United States Capitol Rotunda. 

His tour included Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. He died disappointed not to have found the riches he was seeking.

Library of Congress’ engraving. The Spanish caption reads: "HERNANDO DE SOTO: Extremaduran, one of the discoverers and conquerors of Peru: he travelled across all of Florida and defeated its previously invincible natives, he died on his expedition in the year 1543 at the age of 42".

Don Hernando died of fever on the banks of the Mississippi River, the May 21, 1542.

Depiction of the burial of Hernando de Soto

Luis de Moscoso happened to bury Don Hernando and did hide his body because Guachoya native village considered him immortal. Therefore, the Spanish soldiers wrapped in blankets weighted with sand and sank in the river overnight.