martes, 8 de septiembre de 2015

September 8: US President Gerald R. Ford publicly pardons former President Richard M. Nixon, in 1974, for any crime that was committed during the Watergate scandal, while serving as President.

Ford pardons Nixon in the Watergate scandal...

On September 8, 1974, a month after the resignation of US President Richard Nixon due to the Watergate scandal, his successor, President Gerald R. Ford, publicly announced its decision to grant a full pardon to Nixon for the crimes he may have committed while in office.

The pardon was announced by Ford on a Sunday morning, taking advantage of an off-beat time for Washington newsmakers in an attempt to minimize the initial political fallout.

A long history of cover-ups became like a "snowball" that was irreversible capturing each of those involved in illegal political activities.

“President Ford yesterday granted former President Nixon a “full, free and absolute pardon” for all federal crimes Mr. Nixon “committed or may have committed” during his term in the White House.  Mr. Nixon promptly issued a statement from his home in California accepting the pardon and admitting he had made mistakes but not acknowledging any crimes.” (“I am not a crook!”)

The scandal took more force when aides to President Nixon wanted to use the power and prestige of the presidency to obstruct justice and silence the media.

And, of course, as a team player, Ford's first major act of healing was the total pardon of his longtime buddy.

That ended in a truly democratic lesson for everyone, and particularly for the middle Marxist-Leninist-Maoist people, who within their darkness will not put out any errors to light.

For Ford, Pardon Decision Was Always Clear-Cut.

In return, they ("communists") shot whoever denounced anything against the leftist doctrines, to avoid any exposure to the outside.