miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2015

November 11: Today is anniversary of the Treaty of Granada in 1500 under which Louis XII of France and Ferdinand II of Aragon to split the Kingdom of Naples between them.

Ferdinand II of Aragon was also king of Sicily in its own right since 1468 and King of Aragon from 1479. But, by marrying Isabel of Castile, the title of king of Castile won uxoris jure (by right of his wife) and he adopted the name of Ferdinand V.

The kingdom of Naples was clumsily divided in the Treaty of Granada. The center part was unassigned, and both Ferdinand and Louis preferred to take it all by force rather than negotiate its proper division.

When Louis XII ascended to the French crown, he demanded his rights to the Duchy of Milan, because he was the grandson of Valentina Visconti, Duchess of Orleans and Princess of Milan. He also claimed rights to the kingdom of Naples by a descendant of the house of Anjou, which led to an escalation towards the Italian war between 1499 and 1501.

Louis XII, King of France

The Treaty of Granada of November 11, 1500, was a secret pact between the two monarchs by which they split southern Italy between them, after eliminating Frederick IV of Naples.

Ferdinand the Catholic, King of Castile and Leon, King of Aragon, Naples and Navarra.

The company did not prosper and Frederick abdicated in favor of Luis XII which caused the French defeat by the Aragonese Ferdinand II.

After the war of Naples, Ferdinand had the victory, unified Sicily and Naples, and called them: The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.