viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2015

November 13: Today is the anniversary of the anti-Vietnam “March Against Death” held in Washington D.C. 1969.

On November 13, 1969, US anti-war campaigners staged a ‘March Against Death’ in Washington DC, as a symbolic and peaceful protest against the continuing war in Vietnam.

More than 250,000 university students from different universities gathered in the US capital to participate in a symbolic and peaceful march called "March Against Death". Buttons sold for $ 10 and $ 12 grounds relating to life.

The march started at 6pm on Thursday November 13 and continued until 7.30am on the Saturday, ending at the Capitol, where the placards were placed into coffins.

Actually it was believed that the march would be the prelude to the end of the war against the communists in Vietnam.

1969 — Following a symbolic three-day “March Against Death,” the second national “moratorium” opens with mass demonstrations in San Francisco and Washington ...

It was a protest of 40 hours during which people walked the names of 40,000 US soldiers killed in combat, in front of the White House. The youth demanded the immediate withdrawal of the troops and the end of the war.

Students and workers demanded the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam. Young "hippies" demanded the early withdrawal from the war and began to exhibit signs of peace and love: Make love, not war!

“Two, four, six, eight–now it’s time to smash the state!” chanted the angry mob.