domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2015

November 15: Today is the anniversary of the First Assembly of the League of Nations held in Geneva, Switzerland, on November 15, 1920.

The official opening of the League of Nations, 15 November 1920.

The US president, Woodrow Wilson and his advisor Edward M. House, promoted the idea of ​​a Kantian “Perpetual Peace”, in order to avoid another future world war, massacres and rivers full of blood, as had happened in the Great War or World War I.

 An anachronous map of the world in the years 1920–1945, which shows the League of Nations and the world.

It was necessary to avoid such massacres by creating an international alliance to enforce the national territories, and political independence of both large and small countries.

The decision to create the League of Nations during Paris peace conference in 1919 was aimed to maintain peace and promote the spirit of cooperation among nations.

In a speech on January 8, 1918 about free trade, open agreements, democracy, and the principle of self-determination of peoples, President Wilson presented "Fourteen Points" that would form the basis for a lasting world peace. Thus was born the "League of Nations" despite the skepticism of Wilson’s European colleagues who branded him the "idealistic".

Well, so there was born the school of thought known as the "political idealism" and also as "neoliberalism" in International Relations studies.

The escalation to World War II ended the useless political League of Nations, but gave birth to the United Nations -UN-, which has become the focus of criticism of its bureaucracy and ineffectiveness against the great powers.