domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2015

November 22: On this day in 1963 at 12:30 pm, was assassinated US President John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas.

Picture of President Kennedy in the limousine in Dallas, Texas, on Main Street, minutes before the assassination. Also in the presidential limousine are Jackie Kennedy, Texas Governor John Connally, and his wife, Nellie.

President Kennedy in the presidential limo was traveling with his wife Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally, who was seriously injured, while his wife and the president's wife were unharmed during the presidential motorcade.

The Presidential limousine just minutes before the assassination.

The police officer J.D. Tippit also fell killed by sniper bullets. The suspect was quickly captured and murderer by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald who allegedly acted alone and on his own initiative.

JFK Assassination.

The truth was never known because two days later, another murderer named Jack Ruby shot Oswald, by the police being guarded, and killed him.

Kennedy Assassination.

Ruby was the manager of a nightclub involved with organized crime in Dallas. From there came many speculations that have fed detective stories, to yellow journalism and fiction filmmaking.