miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2015

November 4: Today is anniversary of the day Chevrolet cars entered the US market to compete with the Ford Model T in 1911.

1911 Chevrolet Series C Classic Six was the first model Chevrolet sold.

The "Classic Six" was the first car to carry the Chevrolet brand since US William C. Durant and a Swiss-French Louis Chevrolet, joined forces to create a company car manufacturing, using the brand name of the then famous racing driver Swiss: Chevrolet. The company was called Chevrolet Motor Car Company.

Chevrolet Classic Six 1911-1912

William Crapo "Billy" Durant was the founder of General Motors as well as the system of multi-brand strategy services, more popularly known in the US as "Chevy".

Etienne Planche had actually designed the Classic Six under Louis Chevrolet´s direction.

Billy Durant used the company in his favor to acquire majority stake in General Motors.

The very first Chevrolet, the Classic 6, which was unveiled on the 3rd November, 1911.

Durant's successor, Alfred Sloan, converted Chevrolet Division as one of General Motors Corporation. Sloan gave his maxim: "a car for every purse and purpose" with which he boosted sales to achieve sales targets and exceed his successful rival Henry Ford’s Model T. In 1929, General Motors surpassed Ford in sales.

Louis Joseph Chevrolet