lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2015

November 16: Today is the sad anniversary of the capture of the Inca emperor Atahualpa in 1532 by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro, during the "Battle of Cajamarca," which was not a battle but a Spanish ambush against unarmed Incas.

The day before, on November 15, 1532, the Spanish murderers, led by Francisco Pizarro, and under the command of Hernando de Soto, met with Incan Emperor Atahualpa, who gave them a glorious tribute.

The Battle of Cajamarca took place in Peru on November 16, 1532 and was part of the Spanish conquest of the Incas.

Atahualpa's refusal led Pizarro and his force to attack the Incan army in what became the Battle of Cajamarca on 16 November 1532.

But those conquerors were invited to a meeting on November 16th, in the Plaza of Cajamarca ... and Francisco Pizarro was so treacherous that before the meeting ambushed the emperor who was unarmed and willing to pay an offering. What a brave conqueror!

Don´t need words...

Atahualpa was the ruler of the Incan Empire; he was a very intelligent man but little skilled in the art of war, for thirteen battles needed to defeat his predecessor, Huascar, in the position of emperor.

This is a portrait of Inca Emperor Atahualpa , drawn from life, by a member of Pizarro's detachment.

His reign began in 1532 and was as brief as unfortunate, since November 15th of that year he was arrested by the troops of Francisco Pizarro. Ramón J. Sender explains in his book 'Tupac Amaru', that “Atahualpa should be a very smart man, he learned to play chess alone, without anyone to teach him, just watching how they did their captors”.